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Media on the Clothesline School of Writing

July 19, 2010

Some articles in the media on the Clothesline School of Writing:

“No Middle Ground” by Anne Gowen, Staff Writer,
Tempo, Chicago Tribune, November 18, 1994
“Opening Lines, by Karen Malay, New City, June 27–July 3, 1991.
“Don’t Forget to Write” by Editor Mary Ruth Yoe, The University of
Chicago Magazine, October,1990
Lou Centilivre, “The joy of discovery: finding dormant talent,”
Advertising Age, Forum, January 29, 1998
Bookworld, Chicago Tribune December 13, 1981
Molly M.cQuade, Chicago Magazine, January 1985
Chicago Magazine, January 1987,March 1987
The Chicago Literary Review, article and interview by by Gideon
D’Arcangelo, December 1986.
Chicago Tribune, May 27, 1988
Carleton Miscellany, Summer, 1980
Religious Studies Review, October 1979

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  1. granmaelaine permalink
    April 15, 2011 3:59 pm

    I recently moved back to Chicago and immediately started looking for Molly Daniels. Molly where are you? i studied with Molly in her evening classes when she was at the University of Chicago.

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