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I’m a writer. I gave up writing when I started conducting reading and writing workshops 6 days a week at the University of Chicago’s extension division. Over 3,000 writers went through my program, many of whom became professional writers.  I taught reading and writing poetry, fiction (beginning and advanced), memoir and journalism.  On the 7th day, the writers in my program gave public performances at the Woodlawn Tap in Chicago which was widely attended and written about in the Chicago newspapers.

I am semi-retired. I live in Ithaca, NY.  I am currently working on a book of short biographies of people who live in Ithaca. This blog features articles that are part of this new project.  I use the clothesline method of writing the interviews.  In the articles you will find no separation of work and play, innocence and experience, faith and doubt, life and death, as built around the older self, middle muddles and the younger self, same as taught in the University of Chicago workshops.

Molly A. Daniels-Ramanujan

Objective: Creative Writing Instructor

Highlights of Qualifications

    · Doctorate from the Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago.
    ·Taught over 3,000 writers in 16 years at the University of Chicago.
    · Invented and taught unique method that frees creativity and facilitates
    rapid composition. For example, I give writers a series of writing
    exercises until they are primed and ready. Then I ask them to
    write nonstop for an hour; when the hour is up, they collect in groups
    of four to listen to one another and to recognize that they have memorable
    voices as unique as their thumbprints.
    ·Award winning writer.

Teaching Experience

    · Invented a three-pronged approach that teaches people to unblock their
    creativity in a new way each week. They learn to listen as a writer
    and read as a writer.
    · Trained students in eight-week and year-long workshops.
    · Conducted three workshops each quarter for 16 years at University of Chicago’s Graham School of General Studies.
    · Trained students, policemen, FBI agents, academics, actors, doctors, lawyers, social workers, school teachers, therapists, accountants, technical
    writers, journalists, housewives, priests, nuns, film-makers, and others from all walks of life. Course graduates have used writing skills
    professionally; some have published books and won prizes.
    · Taught advanced workshops: Reading and Writing: Poetry, Fiction, Memoir,and Playwriting at the Creative Writing School (formerly the Clothesline School of Writing).
    · Conducted shorter workshops for Ragdale Foundation, Independent Writers of Illinois, Association of Midwest Journalists, Hemingway Foundation, post-doctoral psychotherapists at NYU, Barrington Arts Council, and faculties of Northbrook High Schools.
    · Produced 634 Performance Readings on stage of selections of fiction and poetry written by participants in the workshops.
    · Courses taught: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Reading and Writing Fiction; Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Playwriting; Advanced Reading and Writing Poetry; Reading and Writing Autobiography and Memoir; Reading as a Writer.

Employment History

    The Graham School of General Studies, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

    The Creative Writing School (formerly the Clothesline School of Writing), Chicago, IL


    ·Edited eight books of poetry and prose

· Published three works of fiction, two books of criticism, and a manual for writers

    · Published articles and stories in: The Chicago Review, Tri-Quarterly, Carleton Miscellany, Journal of Literary Studies, The Saul Bellow Journal


· Illinois Arts Council Awards: Best Fiction; Best Criticism · PEN Syndicated Fiction Award

· Fulbright Fellowship

Education & Training

Ph.D. University of Chicago (1986)

Writing Workshops English Departments: University of Chicago, Indiana University,
and Bennington College.

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